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-Art Song-
Near an Empty Fountain in the Food Court (2009)
High Voice and Piano
Text is taken from the poem "NEAR AN EMPTY FOUNTAIN IN THE FOOD COURT" by Adam Fell, published in the book I AM NOT A PIONEER by H_NGM_N Books.
Commissioned by the Madison Artsong Project May 6th, 2009.
Jesse Harrison - Soprano, David Sytkowksi - piano.

Swan (2005)
Unaccompanied tenor voice (transpositions available upon request)
Text by David Herbert Lawrence.

-Chamber Ensembles-

Arabesque (2004)String Quartet
Unperformed (as far as I know; the mp3 is synth)

Cloud-Whales (2004)Flute, Violin, Cello, and Piano
Unperformed (as far as I know; the mp3 is synth)

Goblins (2001)Bassoon and Piano
the performers would like to remain anonymous

Laps (2001)Flute, French Horn, and Piano
MadWAC F1rst(,) l1sten Commission
Performed by members of the Oakwood Chamber Players

Between the Grey (2004) SAATB text by Constance Woodrow

Dream Song (2008) SSA text by Sara Teasdale
Composed for the 2008-2009 Casa Grande Union High School Chorale, Tyler Forsythe, Director

Follow Thy Fair Sun (2004) SSAATBB text by Thomas Campion

Grass (2004) SSAATTB text by Carl Sandburg

Mercy, Pity, Peace (2004) SSAATTBB text by William Blake

On the Seashore (2004) SSAATBB text by Rabindranath Tagore

Rain (2004) SSSAAATTBB text by Edward Thomas

Snow (2004) three three-part rounds for SAA text by Edward Thomas

-Choral Arrangements-
Chanson Boheme (2004) SSAATTBB from 'Carmen,' music by Georges Bizet

Habenera (2004) SSAATBB from 'Carmen,' music by Goerges Bizet

The Hawthorn Tree (2004) SSAATBB 'Fantasia on the 'Dargason''
from 2nd Suite in F for Military Band, music by Gustav Holst

St James Infirmary Blues (2010) TTBB
Performance by UW Men's Choir May 2011 captured on YouTube
Score available from MusicNotes.com


Fish Lights (2011) Unperformed (as far as I know; the mp3 is synth.)

Lovesong (2001) Seung-Hye Lee - Piano

Mermaid Waltz (2004)Commissioned by Jessica Johnson
through the UW-Madison Composer Auction 2004

Sigrun (2005) Solo Organ (not piano.)

-Musical Theatre-

The Dying Game (2004) to promote awareness about AIDS in Africa
in collaboration with Filip von Uexkull, Tristan Bons, Robert Gould, and Jimmy Granstrom

Who's That Lady?(2004) sketch comedy with a twist and a tap
in collaboration with Tap It/New Works

-The Musicals of Ty Kroll and Robert Gould-