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-- Synopsis --
"Vocalize!" is a musical with a totally acapella score that is innovative in form and structure and controversial in content. In the first act seven characters are introduced through a series of monologues and songs but have no real interraction between each other: Charles, a middle aged Minister, grieving over the death of his wife; Madge, an alcoholic bag-lady; Glen, an emotionally disturbed 19 year old, who was sexually abused by his step-father and  finds it hard to communicate with people; Melissa, a prostitute and drug addict; Brandon, a "smart-ass" 13 year old, neglected by his divorced parents; Robin, a young man tormented by guilt for having slept with his fiancee's sister; and Cathy, Robin's fiance, who nurses the most horrific guilty secret of them all.

In the second act some of the characters meet as their stories are revealed more fully in more conventional dramatic form: Cathy attempts to commit suicide and is interrupted by Madge (who carries a dark secret of her own) and "saved" by Charles, who - in turn - finds his own spiritual salvation through his experience with Cathy; in a chance meeting, Robin and Brandon talk and soliloquise on the relative "Simple" world of both man and boy; and Glen somehow finds the courage to talk to Melissa as these two misfits take the first step towards friendship.

In essence, "Vocalize!" is a celebration of life, an examination of how - even from the dark despair of human existence - people can make peace with themselves and live in harmony with the world around them as they "vocalize" about their problems and learn to interract with others.

With a vocal score of intricate harmonies and counterpoints, this musical is a quite unique experience.

--Musical Numbers (samples in mp3 format) --
Vocalize! Company
Sketches Glen
Madge's Hymn 1 Madge
First Glance Charles
Holding On Melissa, Glen, Madge
Free Brandon
Madge's Hymn 2 Madge
It's Hard to Talk Glen
Lullaby 1 Melissa
Secrets Robin
Who Needs? Brandon
Look, No Tears! Cathy
Dark of Night Glen, Melissa, Madge
Who Needs Hymns? Madge, Brandon
Game Over Robin, Brandon
Words Are Not Enough Cathy, Glen, Robin
The Morning Smiles Company
Sketches (Reprise) Glen
First Glance (Reprise) Charles, Cathy, Robin
Simple Brandon, Robin
Someone Company
Henry Charles, Robin, Brandon, Glen, Madge, Melissa
Dark of Night (Reprise) Madge, Glen, Charles
Lullaby 2 Madge, Melissa
One Small Step Melissa, Glen
Leaves Charles
Vocalize (Finale) Company
"Leaves" recorded October 30 2002
Morphy Recital Hall, Humanities Building, 455 N Park St
On the Campus of the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
Cooper Grodin - Baritone
All other samples recorded April 29 2003
Morphy Recital Hall, Humanities Building, 455 N Park St
On the Campus of the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
Christine Buckstead - Soprano
Melina Martin - Mezzo Soprano
Jason Cree - Tenor
Chris Sheppard - Baritone
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