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-- Synopsis --

Lovers tells the story of couples who frequent the same chic cafe in New York city, examining various aspects of love.

The characters include: Holly, a scatterbrained, naive young woman and Eddy, a selfish, immature young artist, whose relationship comes under threat when Eddy has to choose between his painting and providing for their child when Holly becomes pregnant;

Daniel, a middle-aged gay man finally finding the courage to "come out" when he falls in love with Chris, a sensitive and caring 21 year old, who later dies tragically; Daniel's wife, Nicole, has to try to come to terms with the situation and fails to either comprehend or accept the truth;

Mark, a philandering husband whose wife, Liz, gives a new dimension to the phrase "love is blind"; Mark embarks on an affair with his secretary, Jennifer - an attractive and articulate but emotionally scarred battered wife, who is shackled to a marriage to Adam and desperately searching for a chance to change her life but lacking the self-confidence to try; unfortunately, Jennifer soon discovers that Mark is incapable of remaining faithful even to her - but at least now she is not afraid to risk falling in love.

During the course of the play some of the central characters emerge from the experience with a new found strength that helps them to change the direction of their lives.

The various strands of the story are held together by the character of the Maitre D' of the cafe, who acts as both an observer and a narrator.

--Musical Numbers (samples in mp3 format) --
Prologue Maitre 'D
A Basement Apartment in Greenwich Village Holly, Eddy
Lovers* Liz, Nicole, Daniel, Mark, Jennifer, Adam
Holding It In Daniel
The Telephone Song  Mark, Liz, Jennifer, Adam
Look At Us* Daniel, Chris
Look At Them Nicole
Don't Be Afraid To Fall In Love* Mark, Jennifer
Trouble Is I Love Him* Holly
We Don't Have Time For A Love Song /   
Act I Finale*
Daniel, Chris   
Holly, Eddy, Mark, Jennifer, Daniel, Chris
An Empty Place Daniel
The Right Words# Eddy
Lovers (reprise) Mark, Jennifer
An Empty Place (reprise) Daniel
A Basement Apartment in Greenwich Village (reprise) Holly, Eddy
A Certain Kind of Love# Liz, Jennifer
In Daniel's Eyes# Nicole, Daniel
Our Turn Waiter, Waitress, Maitre D'
Finale Maitre D', Waiter, Waitress, Customers
* Samples Recorded March 2002 in Morphy Recital Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA
Melanie Cain, Christy Palmer - Sopranos
Brian Bizzell, Maih Cawley, Kelsey Rueden - Tenors
Cooper Grodin - Baritone
Pete Colclasure - Piano
# Samples Recorded October 2002 at Steer Studios, Tairgwaith, Ammanford, Wales
The Right Words - Keith Milward
A Certain Kind of Love - Jean Buckland & Rhona Scott
In Daniel's Eyes - Rhona Scott & Ian Vanson-Evans
Musical Director/Arrangements/Keyboard - John Davies
Engineer - Alud Owen Jones
    Executive Pruducer - Robert Gould
    Produced by - Robert Gould & Ty Kroll
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(c) 2003 by Ty Kroll and Robert Gould.  All Rights Reserved.
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