Alone premiered Wedneday, April 23rd 2003 - 7: 30 PM
in Morphy Recital Hall, Humanities Building, 455 N Park St
On the Campus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
The production was directed by Brian Bizzell.
It starred Lisa Englander as Dorothy, Jamie Roberts as Angie,
Chrissy Krieser as Nina, and Brian Bizzell as Jim.
Thanos Theodoropoulos played the piano.
Musical Numbers
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-- Synopsis --

The musical play "Alone" is about grief, loneliness, the inner need of people to love and be loved and the failure of some people to meet their need  through an inability to interract with one another.

The entire action takes place in Central Park, New York city, where the paths of three lonely women cross: Dorothy, an ageing widow who is still coming to terms with her grief after the death of her husband and feeling a heartbreaking emptiness through her inability to communicate with her estranged daughter; Angie, a young woman in her mid- 20s who, finding it impossible to form a relationship,  creates an imaginary boyfriend in her head; and Nina, a 30-something man-hating lesbian jogger, who tries to fill the void in her life by running - both in reality and metaphorically.

When she first meets Angie, Dorothy looks upon her with disdain, thinking that she is rather weird. Gradually the two women start to form a friendship, as Dorothy exchanges details about her life with her husband with Angie's stories about her dates with her boyfriend. Nina, who is attracted to Angie, finally tells Dorothy the truth about Angie's imaginary boyfriend in a temporary fit of pique. But in their final encounter, Dorothy and Angie somehow find a way to help each other come to terms with their problems.

The play reveals how, in a city with a population of millions, people can still feel terribly alone. It also demonstrates that people are often lonely because of their inability to articulate and communicate with others. As the three women begin to relate to each other and start to really “talk”, they take an important step by reaching out to someone - a simple act that begins to make them feel less alone.

The book and lyrics provide a comic and emotional expose of genuine human fears and weaknesses, and are highlighted by a varied and exciting score.

--Musical Numbers (samples in mp3 format) --
A Walk In The Park Dorothy, Angie
Thomas Winthrop III Angie, Dorothy
The Rainbow Room Angie
Picture Perfect Angie, Dorothy
Picture Perfect (Reprise) Nina
Men Suck!  Nina
Each Precious Moment Dorothy, Angie
My Girl with the Laughter Inside Her Eyes Dorothy
Thomas Winthrop III (Reprise 1) Angie
Who Am I Kidding? 
What About The Next Time? 
Do You Remember Her? 
Three Voices In The Park
Dorothy, Angie, Nina
Starlight Dorothy, Jim
Running Nina
Thomas Winthrop III (Reprise 2) Angie
Yesterday's News Dorothy
Alone Angie
Dorothy's Farewell Dorothy
Alone (Finale) Angie, Dorohty, Nina
PICTURE PERFECT vocals by Rhona Scott & Jean Buckland
  YESTERDAY'S NEWS vocal by Beryl Williams
  Musical director/keyboards: JOHN DAVIES
  recorded at Steer Studios, Tairgwaith, Ammanford, Wales on May 14th, 2003
  Sound recording engineered and mixed by ALUD OWEN JONES
  Executive Producer: ROBERT GOULD
All other samples recorded "live" at the UW production.
USA Producers: Email Ty Kroll for a copy of the full recording.
UK Producers: Email Bob Gould for a copy of the full recording.
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